A few days before the end of the month, it’s good to know the hierarchy of angels and demons in today’s world. This knowledge can help pray the Rosary. For instance, the heavenly sovereign of angels, August, received a mission from God to crush the head of Satan. She must send the holy Legions to restrain demons and drive them into abysses.

The eighth order of angels is known as the Archangels. They are responsible for delivering messages from God to humans while also being involved in specific people groups. They also are renowned as the guardian angels of a country, and Michael is traditionally known as the protector of Israel. Known as the “Archangels of Light,” this order of angels communicates God’s plan to humans.

Angels are created by God and exist only as long as He sustains them. They are natural creatures, probably made simultaneously as the rest of the universe. Without all the things God willed to exist, the universe would not be complete. The archangels are the messengers of God and His Son. They will go with Christ on the Day of Judgment to separate the good from the evil in the future.

The Archangel Gabriel and the demon Balaam, who accompanied King David on his mission in Israel, will often communicate with the Holy Spirit on behalf of men and women. They communicate with each other without using words, sounds, or locations. They are also unbound by time and space. They can communicate with multiple minds at the same time. However, they will not necessarily answer prayers, even though they may be heard.

The highest order of angels is called the Seraphim. They guard the throne of God, serve before His throne, and praise the Father. Their only appearance in Scripture is in Isaiah 6:1-7, where they clean Isaiah’s lips with a hot coal from the altar. Seraphim have six wings, two for their faces and two for their feet.

The hierarchy of angels and demons is similar to that of human beings. They are more powerful than men, but they are not equal. Both are rungs on the cosmic ladder, and if a man does not know the hierarchy of angels and demons, he will not know himself. He must first understand these creatures.

Michael is considered the chief archangel and is the only angel in the Bible. Although the title doesn’t apply to every angel, he is most often mentioned in the Bible. The Bible also lists him as a princely Seraph, and in the Book of Revelation, he serves as God’s messenger. Knowing the hierarchy of angels and demons can help us pray for peace in the world and avoid the temptations of evil.

Although angels have no physical senses, they have the power to influence the human will and affect matter. Although they cannot act upon the human will, they can stir the human imagination or make one more aware of a sensible truth. In short, angels and demons are in the universe, and they are present everywhere. However, they can’t do anything without God’s permission.