Angels and demons work to protect us from danger amid the Crossroads of life and death. These entities can read the human mind, and their knowledge is far greater than ours. They help us to know what to do in any given situation. They do this for our souls, bodies, and nations. They pray for us and guide us through life’s difficulties.

In the Bible, angels are heavenly spirits. While they are separate species, each angel has its classification or hierarchy. Biblical terminology refers to different levels of divine knowledge, and the hierarchy is based on these grades. Angels fall into three groups: the lower hierarchy is called the Seraphim, while the upper hierarchy comprises the Cherubim, Seraphim, and Angels of the Three Kings.

Besides, angels are the messengers of God, and they communicate his will to humanity. While ascending the ladder of heaven, they watch over the wanderer below. This makes angels very valuable since they protect us. If we know their names, we learn more about their essence and purpose in life. In the meantime, we should thank God for naming angels and demons, even if they are simple spirits.

When praying the Rosary, we must keep our eyes open for the angels and demons. They can appear in the form of humans, and the Rosary is our protection from evil spirits. Angels may take on human forms, as the Lord himself sent Gabriel to lead the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land. Angels are often the same beings, with varying degrees of knowledge and abilities.

We should be aware of the hierarchy of angels and demons. The angels are the highest order of the angelic world. The Seraphim serve as guardians before God’s throne and praise Him. The name of these angels – Seraph – is used only in Isaiah 6:1-7, where the Seraph cleansed Isaiah’s lips with live coal. These creatures have six wings, two for their faces and two for their feet.

The angels have three ranks, and each class has its role in the hierarchy. The highest order is known as the heavenly hosts and is composed of angels and demons. The second-highest level is made up of angels and demons. The lower order includes angels and demons. In this hierarchy, an angel is responsible for delivering messages and prayers to humans.

Angels have played essential roles in God’s plan for salvation. They brought Lot out of Sodom, helped Abraham stop Isaac’s murder, and gave Peter divinely inspired “jailbreaks.” Angels are also our protectors, both in our physical lives and our souls. When we feel vulnerable, the angels will guide us and give us strength in difficult situations.