According to Catholic tradition, the angels were assigned to protect humanity from the harm of demons. Because of the nature of these forces, angels have guardian duties. In the early church, angels were considered good, and their guardians would protect humanity from the harm caused by demons. In the Middle Ages, angels and demons were viewed as separate entities. The hierarchy of angels and demons varies in many religions, but there is no consensus.

The angels are powerful beings that work under the authority of God. God created them to serve as a reminder of his presence and power. Unlike demons, angels can be made by other creation deities and act as guardians, rather than do in the realm of physical humans. Interestingly, the angels and demons serve different roles. Some have a higher position than others.

While most people associate angels with God, there is no denying that both have essential roles in our lives. Demons serve a different purpose in the universe, while angels protect and direct human charges. Despite the differences in function, both types of demons have similar motives. And while some monsters are twisted versions of angels in Heaven, they serve a vital purpose on Earth.

According to Scripture, angels play an essential role in the universe. They announce the birth of notable religious figures and divine beings. Many Christians believe that the angels announce the birth of Jesus or John the Baptist. Moreover, these messengers are responsible for delivering prophetic messages. So, the question remains: “What is the hierarchy of angels and demons?”

According to Christian doctrine, angels are good, but they can also be evil. They have immaterial spirit bodies, and they can sometimes be revealed to humans in the physical world. However, angels do not need human or animal bodies to serve God. They can perform many acts of evil that benefit them and others. As Jesus says, “Every kingdom divided against itself will fall.”

We learn that the archangels are extensions of God’s will and sometimes intervene in human affairs in the Bible. They reward the faithful, punish the unjust, and destroy evil spirits. Azrael is sometimes named the Angel of Death, though Scripture never mentions him by name. Chamuel is associated with peace and harmony. Its name is a mistranslation of the Hebrew word chamuel, which means “good.”

There are three types of demons and angels. Lucifer is the most famous and is often mistaken for Satan. He has a higher ranking than Satan and is called “Emperor of Hell.” Lucifer is the fallen angel and corresponds to the sin of pride. The angels under him became princes of Hell, where he maintained order in his domain.
The term “angel of the Lord” occurs in many places in Scripture. It is not the same thing as an “angel of God.” Most theologians believe that the angel of the Lord refers to Jesus Christ. He appeared to several individuals in the Old Testament and spoke as the Lord. However, other angels carry messages that say “from the Lord.”