The strength of an angel can be explained in terms of its ability to fight demons. Azrael was the Angel of death in the Bible, but that does not make him the most muscular Angel. According to some Christian traditions, Michael and Gabriel are the strongest angels. The Book of Tobit, however, still contains references to Azrael. It is unknown why Azrael is not considered the most muscular Angel, but it has been cited as a source of pride.

Another strong angel is Jesus. Many confuse him with Lucifer and Satan. Jesus is the strongest Angel and is often confused with both of these. The strongest Angel in the Bible is Jesus! Jesus is the light of the world, and when he said that the living would not die, he was referring to the realization that we are God. It’s hard to imagine that an angel with twelve wings could be as mighty as Jesus!

The Bible names three mighty angels. Jesus gave the Archangel Michael the role of mediator between God and Israel. This Archangel is also known as Michael the Archangel, a trendy choice for those who believe in the Bible. In the Bible, Michael was given to Jesus before and after his earthly life, and this is why he is often called the “chief of angels” angel. In Christian, Islamic, and Jewish traditions, Metatron is considered the strongest Angel.

The second-to-last Angel is Armisael. This snake-like solid light beam attacks Rei’s psyche in Episode 23, “Rei III.” However, Rei destroys Armisael by self-detonating Evangelion. Armisael also stops Shinji from harming Shinji in Unit-01. The last Angel, the fifth Angel, was created in the same way.

The third strongest Angel is Lilith. She is equal to Adam, but she is also the progenitor of the human race. She was created by the First Ancestral Race billions of years ago. She had the same shape as Adam but without legs and hips. This made her the strongest Angel among them. A humanoid, she had a purple mask and white wings that split into four pieces when she fought with Adam and Eva.

The Third Angel, Sachiel, attacks the Eva Unit-01 in Episode 1, “Angel Attack.” This evil Angel uses retractable forearm spikes to overpower Shinji Ikari, a pilot of the Eva Unit-01. Shinji has little training, but the Sachiel trounces Shinji with its retractable forearm spikes. Then, after Shinji falls unconscious, Sachiel switches into a primal berserker mode, detonates, and annihilates the Eva Unit.

Leliel is the omnipresent Angel. He appears as a sphere on the outside, but his actual body is a shadow underneath. Leliel is known as the Jaws of God. His sphere has a field projection, so anything that hits it would pass through it. Leliel doesn’t have a great offense, though. His only weakness is the ozone. If the attacker gets close enough to his body, Leliel will turn him into a shadow, engulfing the victim in an infinite void.

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